Battery Management System

Battery Management System

1-Series 3.7V to 20-Series in varies range in size and capacity. (Below mentioned pictures are sample pictures)

Li-ion, LFP 13S 200A charge and discharge with balance functions for E-Vehicles

Li-ion, LFP 20S 40A charge and discharge with balance functions, E-Vehicles

Battery management system for 25.9V 7S 40A Li-ion and Li-polymer battery pack

10S 36V, Battery Protection Board 16A to 60A. (this specially design for E-vehicle and solar storage.)


  • Water proof unit, suitable for all kind of applications.
  • Aluminium casing specially design for Heat exposing.
  • Built with balancing circuit.
  • High temperature cable used for output for easy connection.
  • Protection board with overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection and temperature protection.
  • Can buses, RS232 Communication and Bluetooth communication in optional.

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